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Patent Infringement Opinion Letters

Legal Counsel for Clients Dealing with Infringement Complaints

With decades of experience representing U.S. companies as well as international and multinational companies in intellectual property litigation, our trial attorneys at WHGC, offer the experience, depth of knowledge, and resources needed to provide effective legal counsel and representation to clients who are confronted with complaints of infringement as well as clients who are involved in infringement litigation.

Contact a knowledgeable intellectual property lawyer at WHGC to arrange an initial consultation. Our law firm offers a global presence, with our office in Newport Beach, California and our strategic partnership with Dacheng Law Offices in Beijing, China.

Patent Infringement Opinion Letters

Our attorneys counsel clients who have received notification of alleged patent infringement in the form of a cease and desist letter or other means. Our ability to evaluate the risk of patent litigation paired with our ability to provide meticulously prepared patent infringement opinion letters enables clients to minimize potential liability and continue business operations.

Patent infringement litigation can expose alleged infringers to an exorbitant amount of patent damages, particularly if the jury finds that there was “willful infringement” and as a result awards treble damages — enhancing the award in a given case by three times the actual damages. For decades, businesses have used patent infringement opinion letters as a shield in intellectual property infringement litigation.

Years of precedence have been questioned in recent years regarding the need for opinion letters when claims of infringement are brought to a company’s attention. Not only has this caused confusion among the countless businesses intertwined in patent infringement disputes, in some cases, such as Broadcom Corporation v. Qualcomm Incorporated, it has caused business owners to choose not to obtain an opinion letter — a fatal mistake costing the business millions of dollars.

With the confusion that has arisen in recent years regarding the Seagate decision, it is becoming apparent that opinion letters are still a very powerful piece of evidence in eliminating exposure to excessive damages for willful infringement.

Licensed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in coordination with the Chinese State IP Office in enforcing intellectual property rights in China, our attorneys have the legal comprehension and skills necessary to combat patent infringement disputes involving major international companies, such as Northrop Grumman, Philips Corporation, Acticon Technologies, GPC and K-Swiss, Inc., and many others. View a list of representative clients.

Protect your IP rights in the United States, Asia, Europe, or elsewhere. Contact an experienced intellectual property attorney at WHGC, to obtain a patent infringement opinion letter that fully preserves your interests. Our IP law attorneys can help you minimize your exposure to costly patent litigation. All legal consultations are conducted in strict confidentiality.