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Trademark Damages

Protecting the IP Rights of Clients Worldwide

WHGC is a business, intellectual property, and international law firm with a focus on innovative solutions to the legal problems of clients. With our office in Newport Beach, California, and through our strategic partnership with Dacheng Law Offices in Beijing, China, our trademark damages attorneys have the ability to provide local connections and achieve global solutions for our clients.

We have extensive experience representing clients in fields relevant to intellectual property, including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, technology law, and computer science. We effectively prosecute and defend the intellectual property rights of our clients in trademark infringement litigation in the United States, Asia, Europe, and elsewhere. Contact us to arrange a confidential initial consultation with one of our skilled trademark litigation attorneys.

Recovery of Trademark Damages in Your Infringement Dispute

The trademark litigation attorneys at WHGC, have a wealth of knowledge and experience representing clients in protecting and enforcing corporate intellectual property rights in trademark infringement disputes and other IP disputes.

In trademark infringement litigation, plaintiffs can generally recover for their own lost profits, or they can recover for the defendant’s profits derived from the infringement.

  • Recovery based upon the plaintiff’s lost profits: When trademarked property has been infringed upon and causes profit loss to the owner of the trademark, damages can be determined based upon the actual profit loss of the owner of the trademark (the plaintiff).
  • Recovery based upon the defendant’s profits: The process of demonstrating your own lost profits in trademark infringement disputes is complex, and in many cases is unfeasible. A unique facet of trademark law is that damage awards can be based solely upon the defendant’s profits derived from the infringed property.

Frequently in trademark infringement litigation, recovering trademark damages based upon the defendant’s profits can be an advantageous remedy option, regardless of whether the plaintiff’s own damages can be proved. Our ability to thoroughly analyze the unique facets of each case enables us to recommend the remedy option that most favorably positions our client.

WHGC, has successfully handled trademark matters in federal district courts across the United States as well as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, D.C. We also have represented various international public corporations headquartered in Japan, China, the U.K., and other nations worldwide, including major corporations and government agencies such as Broadcom and NASA. Contact WHGC, for unparalleled representation in a trademark infringement dispute and to discuss how to maximize trademark damages in your case. All legal consultations are conducted in strict confidentiality.