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Trademark Law

Guard Your Good Name

For many companies, their brand is their most valuable asset. As companies become increasingly global in nature, it is important to develop IP protection strategies that protect brand names and marks worldwide.

At WHGC, P.L.C., our trademark attorneys develop global trademark strategies that protect the integrity of our clients’ brands, secure their competitive advantage and ensure their brands don’t become diluted.  We help clients procure, monitor and enforce their trademarks in California, the U.S. and abroad.

Protect Your Mark, Secure Your Company’s Competitive Advantage

Brand marks, logos and slogans communicate the source of a product and promise a certain value to consumers. When brands are infringed upon and illegally reproduced, consumer faith in a product and corporate goodwill suffer.

Securing a trademark is only the first step in protecting your brand’s identity. At WHGC, our intellectual property team uses state-of-the-art software to manage our clients’ global trademark portfolios. We work closely with a network of law firms around the world to monitor and enforce our clients’ trademark rights.

In addition to prosecution, monitoring and portfolio management, our trademark services also include:

  • Trademark enforcement
  • Trademark searches and clearance
  • Brand strategy counseling
  • U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board cancellation and opposition proceedings
  • Trademark licensing and assignments

Develop A Global Trademark Strategy

At WHGC, we represent U.S.-based companies entering the Chinese market as well as Chinese companies entering the U.S. market. In both instances, knowledge of U.S. and Chinese IP laws is required. We understand the legal and cultural nuances of trademark laws of both countries, and have significant experience guiding our clients through the complexities of both Chinese and U.S. IP processes. Together, we will help you build an international IP strategy that protects your brand mark worldwide.

What is a trademark?… click here to learn more.

The world is becoming smaller. Every IP strategy must consider international opportunities and challenges. Contact our firm for help developing your global trademark strategy at or 866-970-0186.