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Challenges you need to consider with an international expansion

You started your company as a domestic business, but now you want to expand and take it overseas. You think that there is a big market for your products and services that is not being met, and you want to reach out to more than just an American audience.

If you're wondering what challenges you're going to face as you do this, it's fair to note that every company has its own unique challenges and hurdles that are hard to predict. It depends on the goods and services you offer and how prepared you are.

Can you put out a job ad for recent college graduates?

You have a job opening and the ideal candidate is one who is up-to-date on technology, modern trends and things of this nature. Maybe you want them to run your social media accounts, for instance. You need someone who uses social media all of the time and who understands it inherently, rather than someone who has to figure it out along the way.

You decide to put in your job ad that you're looking to hire a recent college graduate. That's who you envision for this position, after all. Are you allowed to put these types of details in the ad?

Current restrictions could block thousands of green cards monthly

Travel restrictions are tight in the United States right now, and it is impacting immigration. It's unclear exactly when this will end, depending on a variety of factors, but it is clear that the new immigration suspension is both strict and controversial.

With the new rules in place, experts believe that around 26,000 applications for green cards could get denied every single month. That's nearly 1,000 denials per day, on average. If this stretches on for months on end, it's clear that an incredible amount of people could just get denied outright when they at least would have had a chance to get a green card before.

What is the Federal Corrupt Practices Act?

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is a federal law that went into effect here in the United States in 1977. This piece of legislation makes it illegal for anyone to bribe a foreign official to retain or obtain any business. This law has applications far beyond U.S. borders. It applies to any publicly traded corporation that does business anywhere in the world.

This Act applies to both direct and indirect workers of a publicly traded corporation. This means that all of a company's agents to include distributors, third party agents, joint-venture partners and consultants are all covered by this legislation. So, too, are those individuals directly affiliated with the corporation. This includes any employees, officers, stockholders and directors.

What is California's state minimum wage?

California, like most every other state in the U.S., has its minimum wage standards that they expect all employers to pay their workers. This starting pay rate varies depending on the size of the staff that a company has and the industry that they operate in.

The current minimum wage in California that any employer with 25 or fewer employees must pay is $12 per hour. Any company that employs 26 or more workers must compensate their workers at a rate of $13 or more dollars on an hourly basis. Both of these rates went into effect on Jan. 1 of this year. This is the date on which new minimum wages are slated to go into effect on an annual basis. All employers were required to increase their pay rate by $1 this year over the last one.

Detained immigrants face coronavirus threat

The entire country is feeling the impact of COVID-19, a novel coronavirus that has led to thousands of deaths and put many parts of the U.S. into isolation. People are encouraged not to gather in groups, and those who have it need to quarantine themselves so they don't spread it to others.

There is one place where the risk is especially high, though: immigrant detainment centers. Naturally, those being held in these centers cannot avoid gathering in large groups. If the virus enters such a crowded area where people cannot maintain distances between each other, how fast could it spread through the population?

Engineer who stole tech for Uber fined $179 million

Two tech giants have been embroiled in controversy for several years over the intellectual property that one claims the other stole. Now, that controversy seems to be settled with a court judgment, a series of indictments and a massive fine.

When the "star engineer" for the Waymo division of Google and its self-driving technology left the company in early 2016, he allegedly took a pile of Waymo's intellectual property, trade secrets and ideas with him and promptly founded a company called Otto, which made self-driving trucks. Otto was then quickly bought out by Uber. That basically means that Uber (intentionally or not) got some of its innovative tech via intellectual property theft -- or so the allegations go.

How can a hashtag influence the law?

Employers often struggle with questions about how to provide a safe workplace environment. This is especially true in hotels, where mainly female housekeepers must enter rooms alone to clean, not knowing what, or who, awaits their passage through a locked door.

The #MeToo movement raised awareness of sexual harassment nationwide. In addition to individual impact, this forced many employers to revisit workplace policies, increase employee training, and strengthen safety and security measures.

Accommodating workers with Autism in the hospitality industry

Renowned professor Temple Grandin said that “the world needs all kinds of minds” in her 2013 Ted Talk. Ms. Grandin, like numerous others across the U.S., has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), previously known as Autism. The disorder can be challenging to characterize because individual cases can differ. Some common behaviors of ASD include the inability to understand the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others, a heightened sensitivity to stimuli and repeated words or actions. 

Because of this, some with ASD find it difficult to understand the nuances and expectations of the modern workplace, making it difficult for them to find and keep a job. Despite their disorder, many can thrive at work. In some cases, they can even perform their duties better than some of their neurotypical co-workers.

Comparing recent immigration in the U.S. and Canada

One way to look at trends in U.S. immigration is to compare the numbers with other developed countries that offer similar opportunities. A recent report just came out comparing the U.S. numbers to our neighbor to the north, Canada.

This report just looked at legal immigration numbers. Between 2016 and 2018, it found that immigration numbers dropped by 7% in the United States. Analysts suggested that the trend will likely continue into 2020 and may even continue once they have compiled the 2019 numbers.

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