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Start an international business where entry is easy

You already run a successful domestic business. You want to take things to the international level and expand your success. Where should you begin?

You have a lot of things to consider. Market demand is perhaps the primary concern. Try to identify a country where there is an unmet demand that you know your company can meet. Then take the business model that worked in the United States and see if you can adjust it for a successful entry into that location.

Asylum approvals are down

Due to changes to immigration policy and attitude in the last few years, the number of people coming into the United States has declined considerably. Experts believe that the trend may hold, at least through 2020. The reduction could even become more notable than it is now, at the beginning of the new year.

This does mean that illegal immigration is down, which is the focus of many of these policies -- both those that have gone into action and those, like the proposed border wall, that have stalled in the courts. But it's not just illegal immigration. Legal entry numbers have also dropped.

Immigrants have a massive impact on American businesses

Many immigrants come to America looking for a new life. Often, that means a new line of work. Research has demonstrated time and time again that they help companies grow and start many new companies of their own.

For instance, a mere 13% of the total American population is made up of first-generation immigrants -- people who directly came here from another country during their lifetime. However, when you look at the demographics for all of the entrepreneurs in the United States, 27.5% of them are immigrants. This means that immigrants are more likely to start their own businesses than they should be, something that is huge when you consider that small businesses like this are the backbone of the American economy.

Novel plagiarism often includes minor changes

Plagiarism of novels is fairly common, especially in the age of self-publishing. Authors do not have to go through the normal channels. They can simply upload files to Amazon and sell them online. Unfortunately, as much as this has opened doors for a lot of writers, it also means that people sometimes steal intellectual property in an effort to sell it for as long as they can before they get caught.

Sometimes, authors will even lie when caught. For instance, one man passed off work that was essentially another woman's novel as his own. Someone asked him about the similarities, and he said they had collaborated on the project. That was not true. She had no knowledge of what he was doing.

Does your company need a complaint or reporting process?

Fulfilling your obligations to clients or customers is only one aspect of running a successful business. You also have to hire and retain skilled workers who help you grow your business. Unfortunately, where there are people dealing with one another, the potential exists for significant conflicts.

You may hope to avoid interpersonal issues within the company through careful hiring practices. Still, no matter how cautious you may be, you could wind up dealing with allegations of sexual harassment or other significant claims.

It is worth it to remove toxic workers

If you have toxic workers and you're not sure what to do with them, some say the answer is simple: Fire them.

After all, according to one report, toxic workers make their fellow employees "54 times more likely to quit." And that's just if you have one of these toxic workers for every 20 people on your workforce. If you have more, it could make people even more likely to leave.

Accommodating employees with disabilities

There are several laws that protect disabled employees in the workplace. From the California Fair Employment and Housing Act to the Disabled Persons Act, these laws exist so that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as those without disabilities.

One such act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, specifies that employers must provide disabled employees with reasonable accommodations. But what are reasonable accommodations, and how can you make sure they’re enacted in your workplace?

1 million people enter the U.S. every day

Have you ever wondered just how many people cross U.S. borders every day? Some of them drive over at specified checkpoints. Others fly over and land at a multitude of airports all over the country. Still others come by ship.

When you add it all up, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security claims that about 1 million people come into the country every single day.

Looking at the breakdown of native and immigrant workers

Immigrants play a very important role in America's workforce, filling tens of thousands of jobs. Throughout U.S. history, they have always had a big impact on the economy, and that continues to be true today.

So, let's take a look at the breakdown of native workers and various immigrant workers:

  • Undocumented immigrant workers: 5%
  • Authorized immigrant workers: 12.1%
  • Native-born American workers: 82.9%

Innovation can never stop

The key to business success, at least prolonged success, is innovation. It can never stop. No matter how good a company's first or most popular product is, they have to keep striving to come up with new ideas that change the market yet again.

It's a tall order. But it's the best way to keep consumers engaged. It creates demand for your products. If all your company does is sell one item that has been the same forever, there's no reason for consumers to buy more. The demand tops out and sales decrease.

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