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Tips for dealing with false workplace accusations

Has an employee made false accusations at your company? Maybe they claimed that it was a toxic workplace. Maybe they said that you discriminated against them. Maybe they claimed that the workplace was unsafe, they made a report and you retaliated against them.

No matter what, that's definitely not what happened. You feel like they're just attacking the company and/or you personally, and they're using these false accusations to do it. Now what?

What are some helpful tips for immigrants?

Immigration can be complicated, stressful, exciting and confusing. You'll likely run through all sorts of emotions and you'll have to take legal steps you've never even considered before. Your life is changing forever, and that's not something that happens overnight.

To limit your own stress and confusion, here are a few tips that can help you during this process:

  • Try to get started as soon as it is legally possible to do so. Never put it off. Take a proactive approach.
  • Understand that delays happen. Accept that this is just part of the process and prepare yourself mentally for these delays.
  • When using family member petitions, remember that you may not just have one family member who can petition on your behalf. If you have more than one, you can and should file multiple times.
  • Never show up late to an appointment or miss the appointment entirely. Rescheduling is often difficult, and this does not help your case. Get there on time, every time.
  • Never violate the laws or regulations, even in seemingly minor ways. Any violation can derail the process and make it impossible to immigrate.
  • Don't rely on friends and family members for information. Remember that every case is different. Just because things went a certain way for someone else does not mean they will go that way for you.
  • Keep copies of all documentation. Make sure it is in a safe place, and do not lose it or misplace it.

Proactive, proven legal counsel for CA employment law matters

The daily concerns that preoccupy executives and managers are many and distinct. That is especially true in California, where regulatory rules and processes are noted across the country for being particularly rigorous and exacting.

We stress the obvious at the established and diverse business law firm of WHGC in Newport Beach. We underscore on our website that, “We know how hard it is to build a business.” The challenges can be especially daunting (and, concededly, the rewards outsized) for the types of businesses we typically serve with knowledge and passion at WHGC. The operations of many of our valued clients are centrally marked by a strong international dimension.

Hospitality workers among most vulnerable to sexual harassment

Working face-to-face with the public is hard work. You must work every day with a happy face to provide the best service to your customers even when you don’t feel like it. As a hospitality industry worker, your ability to make people like you can affect things like your tips. Working in a bar, restaurant or hotel is rewarding for many people.

Unfortunately, few industries are more susceptible to instances of sexual harassment than the hospitality industry. A 2018 nationwide study revealed that 89 percent of hospitality workers had experienced at least one sexual harassment incident in their career. Picture 10 of your coworkers and think that 9-in-10 will or have experienced sexual harassment on the job. That’s unacceptable.

The wide range of intellectual property

Intellectual property theft is a serious issue that can cost you and your company millions of dollars. Part of the problem is that it can take on a wide range of forms, meaning you must know your rights and remain constantly vigilant to see if anyone violates them -- and the law.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), intellectual property can include creative expressions, inventions and ideas. More specific examples include:

  • Software
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Proprietary products
  • Parts
  • Trade secrets

California subcontractor cited for $12 million in stolen wages

It may be the largest case of wage theft by a private company in California. According to Patch, the state Labor Commissioner’s Office has cited RDV Construction, Inc. for nearly $12 million in wage theft violations.

The subcontractor has offices in Arcadia and City of Industry. The company stands accused of leaving more than a thousand workers waiting weeks and months for payment and then, ultimately, short paying these workers.

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