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Intellectual Asset Management

Assisting Technology Companies in California, China, and Worldwide

At WHGC, we help high-tech companies understand and profit from the true value of their intellectual property assets. Our intellectual property lawyers provide crucial legal advice for businesses whose market value is largely dependent on patented product developments, trade secrets, and licensing agreements.

Building your IP portfolio

Our California law firm serves high-technology clients in California, North America, China, and throughout the world. Our IP attorneys help companies identify the value and realize the potential of their innovations, inventions, and patented products.

We also help them to understand the risks involved in patenting, licensing, or trying to control proprietary technologies. Intellectual property assets and issues may include:

Licensing Agreements
If patents and other intellectual properties can be successfully licensed for additional revenue, we draft and negotiate license agreements with companies in China, the U.S., and elsewhere.

To develop a comprehensive management plan of your company’s intellectual property assets, contact our California IP lawyers to arrange for a consultation.