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Alternative Dispute Resolution

An Efficient And Cost-Effective Option

At WHGC, we help clients find the most economical and advantageous method available to resolve their dispute, and we seek to avoid litigation unless absolutely necessary. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) may be preferable to trial because it is often faster and less expensive. Our attorneys represent clients in the following common areas of ADR:

  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Settlement conferences
  • Early neutral evaluation
  • International Arbitration

However, if a dispute cannot be resolved through ADR, our attorneys are fully prepared to represent your interests in court. Our trial lawyers have extensive experience in large-scale, complex litigation involving multinational corporations.

International Arbitration

The attorneys at WHGC are experienced in handling ADR in different forums. We have built a long and distinguished tradition of successfully handling legal matters for domestic and foreign businesses of all sizes. When conflicts arise, our firm uses its accumulated experience in international and domestic law to assist American and foreign companies with protecting their business interests. Further, our strategic alliance with Dacheng Law Offices, one of China’s largest law firms, enables us to offer comprehensive legal assistance in China, including litigation, ADR services, and guidance for businesses expanding into China.

Let WHGC help you navigate international laws, treaties and other issues confronting your business. To set up a consultation with one of our attorneys, please contact us. Any information that is exchanged will be kept strictly confidential.