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Representative Clients

WHGC‘s professional team consists of experienced and intelligent litigators with the diverse knowledge necessary to address issues involving cutting-edge technology. Over the years, our attorneys, either collectively or individually, have represented major international and domestic corporations. A partial list of said corporations is as follows:

Adaptec, Inc.
ADlink Technology, Inc.
Advanced Flow Engineering, Inc.
AmbiCom, Inc
Anaspec, Inc.
Anhui Juan Kuang Electric Co., Ltd.
Animatics Corporation
Asia Optical Co., Ltd.
Askey Computer Corporation
Aurora Corp. of America
Beyond Innovation Technology Co.
Bushnell Corporation
Champion Power Equipment, Inc.
DigiCrypto, Inc.
Dot Hill Systems Corporation
First International Computer, Inc.
FoxConn Electronics, Inc.
Fujian Juan Kuang Yaming Electric, Ltd.
Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd.
General Imaging Corporation
Gigastorage Corporation USA
High Tech Computer Corporation
Holy Stone Enterprise Company, Ltd.
Infortrend Technology, Inc.
JK Yaming International Holdings, Ltd.
Karen Umbrella
Lanner Electronics, Inc.
Legend Design Technology
Linksys Corporation
Live Data Group
Logitech, Inc.
Magic Control Technology Corp.
MSI Computer Corporation
Pacific Technology America
Playmore Corporation
Plustek, Inc.
Powerchip Semiconductor Corp.
Promega Corporation
Q-Run Corporation
Research Corporation Technologies
Richwave Technology Corp.
Senao Networks, Inc.
Southprint, Inc.
Sprint Nextel Corporation
Syntax Brillian Corporation
Swit Electronics Co., Ltd.
Trillion Science, Inc.
Unix Surplus, Inc.
UTStarcom, Inc.
Ventro Corporation
Visual Photonics Epitaxy Co., Ltd.
Vivitar Corporation
Walmart Stores, Inc.
Wrong Gear, Inc.