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IP Litigation

Protect Your Rights

Companies often make substantial financial investments in their intellectual properties. Whether an invention, a work of art or a brand mark, these assets provide companies with significant competitive advantages. Infringement of a patent, copyright or trademark can pose a great risk to a company’s financial stability.

At WHGC, P.L.C., we aggressively protect our clients’ IP rights. From our office in Orange County, and through our strategic partnership with Dacheng Law Offices in Beijing, China, our attorneys have successfully handled complex litigation matters involving patent, trademark and copyright infringement lawsuits and other IP litigation for domestic and international clients.

Stop Infringement

When addressing an infringement issue, we have one goal: to protect your intellectual property assets. Whether through litigation or other dispute resolution mechanisms, we will aggressively pursue your rights.

We develop sophisticated, cost-effective litigation solutions to complex infringement matters. Over the years, we have represented large, publicly traded and multinational high technology corporations headquartered in California and throughout the United States and Asia, as well as individual IP rights holders and small businesses worldwide.

Our attorneys handle every step of your copyright, patent or trademark infringement dispute — from sending initial cease and desist letters to filing a formal lawsuit and litigating and appealing your case in court.

Many infringement disputes involve issues regarding which party has a valid ownership interest in the asset in question. In cases where both you and your opponent have a valid patent, trademark or copyright, our attorneys will use alternative dispute resolution methods to establish cross-licensing agreements and turn your opponent into your business partner.

Experienced, Aggressive, Focused On Results

At WHGC, our IP litigation attorneys have legal experience plus industry knowledge. Many have technical backgrounds in electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, computer science, software design and telecommunications. We understand the significant impact infringement issues have on your rights and develop creative solutions that protect your IP assets.

Our firm has a long track record of success. We get the results our clients are looking for, including injunctions and damages for economic losses. Our IP litigation lawyers have a strong command of federal court and international jurisdiction issues, and work beyond local borders to protect our clients’ IP rights in an increasingly global market.

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