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Employment Litigation & Disputes

Effective and Aggressive Representation

Our firm possesses the ability, the strength, the resources and the experience to resolve even the most challenging disputes throughout Europe, Asia, the U.S. and Latin America. If an employment dispute has arisen despite all your precautions, call a firm with real experience in resolving problems.

Employment litigation is considered a last resort, by any reasonable client, or law firm. We certainly do not proceed to stir up litigation without exploring alternatives that might serve clients’ financial and other interests better. The firm excels at litigation, as well as finding and weighing alternatives.

For Employers

Has an employee yielded to the temptation to embezzle funds, disclose your trade secrets, breach a contract of employment, or a contract relating to assignment of inventions? Other employment litigation matters we have dealt with have involved fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, non-disclosure or licensing agreements, conversion, culpable negligence and shareholder issues.

We have demonstrated an ability to trace funds with the help of electronic discovery, investigators, forensic accountants and other international lawyers, to right these wrongs, no matter where they occur.

For Employees

Labor law in virtually every country prohibits certain behavior by employers. We advise companies on these regulations. We pursue employment litigation, for example, on behalf of employees who have suffered wrongful termination based on religion, gender, age or other protected class. Have you suffered such discrimination in hiring, promotion or termination? Has your employer or former employer failed to pay wages you have earned, or violated the labor code? Have you complained about sexual harassment, and continued to face such behavior?

Our attorneys investigate claims, depose witnesses, take statements and draft demand letters where necessary. We also counsel our clients in risk avoidance and assess all the potential costs and benefits of proceeding with litigation.

Contact our firm today, via telephone or e-mail. We will respond promptly and arrange an initial consultation with you.