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Copyright Law

Safeguarding Your Copyright

Developing a creative work takes innovation, creativity, hard work and substantial financial investment. It is therefore imperative to secure copyright protection to safeguard one’s rights and to capitalize on the investments one has made in the work. From our office in Newport Beach, California, and through our strategic partnership with Dacheng Law Offices in Beijing, China, WHGC navigates clients through the complex world of copyright protection.

WHGC helps leading technology companies, architects, artists, authors, engineers, filmmakers, photographers and other creative people protect and control the use of their work through copyrights. Our knowledge and practical experience allow us to construct creative and cost-effective solutions to complex legal problems, as well as protect our clients’ brand image, name and profitability.

Securing a copyright is only half the battle; you must actively enforce your protections. At WHGC, our copyright lawyers represent clients during litigation regarding infringement, license and royalty disputes and other copyright-related disputes.

Copyright Protection In China And Throughout Asia

Navigating the copyright laws of foreign countries, such as China, can be very challenging. At WHGC, we have a multicultural team of attorneys that speaks several Chinese dialects as well as has local connections in Beijing. Our strategic partnership with one of China’s largest law firms, Dacheng Law Offices, and our in-depth understanding of China’s legal and cultural nuances allow us to successfully safeguard and enforce our clients’ copyright protections overseas.

Comprehensive IP Legal Services

At WHGC, we help clients navigate the complex world of copyright protection. We take the time to inform our clients of their rights and keep them up-to-date on all developments regarding the security and control of their copyright matter.

Our attorneys possess the technical knowledge necessary to handle the most complex cases involving technology and intellectual property law. Our intellectual property team has many years of practical experience in electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, computer science, physics and telecommunications. We serve clients throughout California, the U.S. and across the globe.

Contact our copyright attorneys at or 866-970-0186.