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Cost-Effective Solutions

Paramount to WHGC, P.L.C, is the ability to provide our clients with truly cost-effective solutions. Engaging in cost control measures and transferring these considerable savings to our clients is our priority, especially as we endeavor to maintain a long-term relationship with each client.

A number of quantifiable cost reduction measures acutely differentiate our firm from our competitors. First, our firm’s hourly rates are substantially lower than those of competing firms – at least 25 percent below the rates of one competitor.

Additionally, WHGC practices a dramatically more conservative approach to attorney case staffing than do our competitors. As opposed to competing firms which staff large numbers of attorneys to patent analysis, legal research, and document review projects leading to fees in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, WHGC in general initially assigns no more than three attorneys to our clients’ matters.

Other measures our firm employs in order to manage costs for our clients include conscientious budget and bill preparation and constant attorney-client communication. We meticulously review bills and prepare complete budgets, ensuring accuracy and understandability. Further, we engage in prompt communication with our clients about circumstances in their cases that require adjustments and suggest reasonable alternatives.

In contrast to most other competing firms, we always confer with our clients in advance of beginning any significant project in their cases, as well as alert them before any new attorney bills time to their matters. Informing our clients, assessing risks, and predicting defense costs are important services in which we excel.

Finally, WHGC minimizes unnecessary costs to our clients by carefully individualizing staffing decisions. In assigning attorneys to our clients’ cases, we ensure we make the appropriate fit for each matter instead of mechanically staffing attorneys to each case.