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Students Eager to Learn 9 Places to Learn Leadership Skills for Free
If you’re too busy running your business to take high-priced and often time-consuming leadership development courses, here are 9 places to build your leadership skills for free.
Man Writing on Board 15 ways to stay focused all day, according to scientists
Whether it’s fatigue, distractions, lack of motivation, or something else entirely, our inability to focus digs a hole in our productivity and, therefore, can jeopardize our chances of success. Here are 15 tips that scientists have found enhance focus.
Karl Lagerfeld 4 Leadership Lessons From One of the Most Powerful Entrepreneurs in Fashion
Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel, has helped turn that company into one of the most valuable brands in the world. Here, this demanding executive offers some suggestions on how to be a better leader of one’s firm.
Car Google’s Self-Driving Cars Are Learning How to Act Around Kids
Since 2009, Google’s drivers have traveled nearly 1.3 million miles in autonomous mode, which means the software is driving the vehicle and test drivers are not touching the controls. Now the company wants to make sure that these cars will be able to understand how to react to kids.
VW VW fires back at EPA, saying it didn’t cheat on second type of engine
The EPA has issued a second notice of violation to Volkswagen, accusing the company of installing software that cheats emissions tests on more cars than previously known, but the company has denied this allegation.
Hair Cut How 4 Guys With Zero Experience Built a $17 Million Salon Empire
Success in business requires dedication and teamwork. And as this article demonstrates, when you have people willing to work as a team, and subordinate personal prominence to the whole, the sky is the limit.
Bill Gates Bill Gates Says These 5 Traits Guarantee Success
What are some characteristics that have propelled Bill Gates success? Knowing when to say no. Welcoming criticism. Optimism. Being willing to fail. And the ability to focus on a goal and keep progressing toward it . (Read on to learn more).
Runners Lessons for Success from a New York Marathon Champion
Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever! This is one thing for any businessperson to keep in mind. You also want to have a goal that is bigger than yourself, and that brings out the best in you. (Read on to learn more)
Meeting 3 Things Everyone Should Do In the First 5 Minutes of an Interview
Your main goals in the introduction are fairly simple. You need to show: 1) have the ability and desire to do the job, 2) you will fit into the company culture and be good to work with, and 3) you won’t quit shortly after being hired. (Read on to learn more)
Seal 10 Things Mentally Tough People Do (Advice From a Former Navy SEAL)
Resilience is defined as “toughness: the capacity to recover quickly.” Not just a trait of the military, it is needed in business as well. Entrepreneurs must be able to take the hits if they are to reach new heights.
Team The 25 Best Midsize Companies to Work for in America
You have probably never heard of companies like Xactly, Yest, Capco or Roth Staffing Companies, but these are listed by Fortune as among the 25 best midsize companies to work for in America. Take a look. Who knows? Maybe you will be tempted to send one of these businesses your resume.
Tech Why every aspect of your business is about to change
When a Tesla Model S recently caught fire, a recall appeared imminent. Instead, Tesla was able to beam out a software update that raised these vehicles one inch when traveling at highway speeds. Problem solved. No recall. This is just one example of the new way business is being conducted in the 21st Century.
Jobs The men and women throughout history who inspired today’s most powerful tech leaders
Did you know that Steve Jobs was inspired by Edwin Land, the co-founder of Polaroid? And that Jeff Bezos of Amazon considered Walt Disney and Thomas Edison to be his role models? See what other famous people set examples for today’s industry leaders.
Illustration 3 More Lies Entrepreneurs Tell Themselves
If you are going to pursue entrepreneurship, one of the most difficult of all career paths, it is important that you first undergo an honest assessment. Do you really understand what being an entrepreneur entails? Are you prepared for the demands and stress that come with being an entrepreneur?
Amazon Amazon sues people who charge $5 for fake reviews
In a lawsuit filed on Friday, Amazon is seeking damages against a group it says posted phony 5-star reviews in exchange for $5. In some cases, the company used undercover agents to hire the fake reviewers. What do you think? Is this suit necessary to protect the legitimacy of reviews? Or is it killing an ant with a sledgehammer?
Google mobile Google’s victory in book-scanning case is a huge win for fair use
Google won a decisive victory on Friday in a copyright-infringement case the Authors Guild launched almost a decade ago. A federal appeals court ruled the company’s book-scanning project, which has turned millions of books into searchable digital files, is entitled to the full protection of the “fair use” clause in copyright law. Was this the right decision? What do you think?
Woman Shopping Uber’s Insanely Huge Vision of On-Demand Everything
Are consumers ready for Uber Everything? The service (actually called UberRush) will deliver food or small items for a fee of about $5 – $7 in the cities of San Francisco, Chicago or New York. The service made it official debut Wednesday. What do you think? Will this service match the success of Uber’s transportation network?
Warren Buffett Time-Management Tips From 8 Self-Made Billionaires
Here how six multi-billionaires make the most of every minute. This article includes tips from Richard Branson, Warren Buffett and Mark Cuban.
Business Woman 6 Ways to Know You’ll Succeed as an Entrepreneur
You know you are an entrepreneur if you feel comfortable in the unknown, you have exceptionally good organizational skills, you are competitive by nature, you know exactly how much you can invest, you could talk about yourself all day long, but you know how to listen. Read on to see why these characteristics are so important.
LinkedIn LinkedIn Latest Company to Give Employees ‘Unlimited’ Vacation Time
Offering unlimited vacation time is not an original idea, but it is unusual for a company the size of LinkedIn to adopt this discretionary time off (DTO) model. LinkedIn has over 8,700 full-time employees in 30 offices worldwide. What do you think? Will more employers adopt DTO?
Rock Climber 7 Habits of People Who Truly Deserve Their Success
Are you an entrepreneur that is worthy of success? See how many of the traits on this checklist you meet. For example, do you know your purpose and have a bigger worldview than just earning a profit? Do you know how to collaborate with other successful people? Read on to see what other traits are important.
Businessman Writing 75 Incorrectly Used Words That Can Make You Look Dumb
Using the right word can matter. Using the wrong word can matter even more. Here are some of the most common incorrectly used words.
Technology Why the Hardware Sector Is Hot Again
This year Y Combinator had 20 hardware companies in its class as entrepreneurs are getting back to building amazing companies in hardware. So which startups are helping put a shine back on physical technology? Here are three promising Y Combinator companies cited by Fortune.
Mountain 6 Simple Steps for Overcoming Any Startup Obstacle
What are you facing in your business that seems as challenging as climbing Mount Everest? As unfathomable as it may seem, I guarantee there is a solution–and likely multiple ones–to help you get to the top. Here are some ideas for surmounting any startup obstacle.
Funding 7 Questions That Will Help Tell You If Crowdfunding Is Right for You
Crowdfunding may not be the best way to finance the launch your new product. It all depends on the motivating factors behind your new product or service. Answering these questions may help you determine if crowdfunding will meet your particular needs.
Oprah America’s Richest Women 2015
There are now 51 female billionaires listed on the Forbes 400. Seven of these women are self-made entrepreneurs, including media mogul Oprah Winfrey (No. 211, $3 billion) and blood-testing pioneer Elizabeth Holmes (No. 121, $4.5 billion). And for the first time in six years, there’s a change at the top of the list
Tesla Tesla’s First SUV, the Model X, Is Finally Hitting the Road
Tesla’s Model X was officially unveiled Tuesday night near the company’s California factory. SUVs were delivered to the first six buyers. Will this vehicle be a hit? Or is the $132,000 sticker price cost prohibitive?
Bottle Want people to read your email? Here’s what NOT to do!
An exquisitely crafted pitch will do no good at all if the person who receives it never opens your message. Yet many people consistently make mistakes that discourage recipients from opening their emails. Avoid these ten frequent mistakes.
Tesla Meet the Company That Wants to Beat Tesla at Its Own Game
A 428-hp engine takes this electric car from 0-62 mph in under five seconds. Its styling was created by the Zagato studio in Milan (known for its design work on Bugatti and Aston Martin). But “Thunder Power” is not produced in Europe, it is made in Taiwan. And the maker claims the car’s range tops out at over 400 miles.
Meeting How These Entrepreneurs Turned $300 Into $60 Million in 2 Years
Hawkers Co is only two years old, but this eyeware maker is already poised to generate $60 million. Using social media, Facebook ads and a “reckless”attitude towards trying new things, the leaders of this venture tell how they turned $300 into $60 million.
Fly Take a Ride in the First Airplane That Anyone Can Fly
Icon Aircraft has sold its first easy-to-fly sports plane. Weighing just 1,000 pounds and having a short 34-foot wingspan, this aircraft’s controls are closer to a sports car than a typical aircraft. This may open up flying to anyone – anyone that can afford the $197,000 price tag. But considering that the company has already brought in $400 million in pre-orders, demand looks good.
Caution Why You Should Build Your Company to Be ‘Dangerous’
Dangerous doesn’t mean you need to build a risky product, as in risky for potential customers to use. Rather, it means being transgressive, upending the way people were living their lives previously. It means delivering an experience in a way that more cautious folk would consider verboten.
Ashton Ashton Kutcher, Ellen DeGeneres, and 8 Other Top Celebrity Startup Investors
America’s tech and entertainment circles are commingling more than ever before. Check out 10 savvy celebrities who are making big bets on some noteworthy startups.
Explain 5 Body Language Tips You Need to Master
Studies have shown that only about 7 percent of communication lies is the words that you’re actually saying. Thirty-eight percent is actually communicated through tone of voice, and the remaining (and largest) portion, at a whopping 55 percent, is communicated through body language. So, is your body saying what you want it to say?
Uber 23 Crazy Facts About Uber, the $51 Billion Startup Success
By now, you have probably heard of Uber and you may have even tried this service yourself. But chances are, you know very few of the interesting facts listed here about this new company. This enterprise has come out of nowhere to completely change the way we travel from Point A to Point B.
Celebrity The World’s Highest-Paid Actresses 2015
Here is Forbes list of the world’s highest-paid TV actresses for 2015. You might be surprised at the leaders – and how much they make as television personalities.
Business World The 3 Most Valuable Characteristics of Great Entrepreneurs
What do successful entrepreneurs have in common? They have the ability to set a goal and then do what it takes to reach that goal. Such fortitude takes three key character traits that may not be common to mere mortals. Read on to see what those traits are.
Cityscape 2 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Be Looking At Asia
Emerging economic centers in Asia such as Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Singapore have already launched their own Silicon Valleys, leveraging on their understanding of the rapidly growing Asian markets to gain an advantage over their western counterparts.
School Stanford Heads the 2015 List Of America’s Best Business Schools
Forbes has ranked the top MBA programs based on their return on investment biennially since 1999. Stanford Graduate School of Business ranks first for a second straight year. But readers should keep in mind that an MBA is a big investment and can top $300,000 in tuition and foregone salary at an elite school like Harvard or Stanford.
HADRON COLLIDER Do you know what the Hadron Collider is?
The world’s most powerful physics machine slams beams of subatomic particles traveling at more than 99.999999% the speed of light together. The piles of scientific data generated from these powerful mash-ups is enough to fill 100,000 DVDs each year! This data is fueling countless science projects across the globe conducted by over 10,000 researchers, engineers, and students.
Simulator How to Get Mark Zuckerberg to Acquire Your Startup
Inc. Magazine gives tips on how to entice big companies to see potential in your startup. First, think big: You need to frame your product or technology as one with wide-ranging relevance. To Zuckerberg, this means that this device is about a lot more than gaming, it is about live entertainment, education and more.
Success 3 Tips From Brené Brown About Failing Brilliantly
Celebrity author and researcher Dr. Brené Brown shares some of insights into how we can rewire our flops–without trying to rewrite history-as a vital part of going from a struggling entrepreneur to a successful entrepreneur.
Young Professional 30 Under 30
Forbes presents today’s greatest gathering of young game changers, movers and makers. It’s fourth annual celebration is bigger than ever: 600 millennials in 20 fields – no repeats from years past and every one selected by a panel of A-list judges.
Possible 7 Success Habits of Exceptionally Productive People
When you really need to perform, business as usual won’t cut it. You need to make a normal workday an exceptionally productive workday. And while you can’t do the things listed in this article every single day, once in a while it will help you get a massive amount of work done.
Inventory 8 Mental Habits the Most Successful People Learn to Break
Sometimes, success depends not on what we can learn, but on what we can “unlearn.” This is certainly true when it comes to breaking harmful habits, such as trying to please others in order to feel safe, or being fuzzy about one’s personal boundaries. This is a must-read for anyone striving to become a business leader.
Yacht 5 Largest Megayachts At The Monaco Yacht Show
Take a look at these amazing yachts, some of which are almost as long as a football field. The capabilities of these modern vessels is almost unbelievable, and the interior design will take your breath away.
Drone Startup Founders React to California’s Proposed Drone Law
California Senate Bill 142 would prohibit drones flying less than 350 feet above private property unless the property owner gives “express permission.” This will make it more difficult for companies to begin using drones for delivery services. How do you feel? Is this good for privacy? Bad for consumers? Both?
Sky Dive What 12 powerful tech execs do to stay in shape
Here’s a look at what the CEOs of Facebook, Microsoft, and others do to stay in shape. Though it can be difficult to find time to exercise when you’re working around the clock, several tech executives have found techniques, routines, or sports that resonate with them and help them grow.
College The 24 best liberal-arts colleges in America
Here is Business Insider’s list of the best liberal arts colleges, complete with each school’s average SAT score and median starting salary.
Super Hero 7 Things Heroic People Always Do (While Most Don’t Bother)
Here are seven things heroic people have in common–but that most other people simply don’t: 1) They keep their eyes open, 2. They prepare for the moment, 3) They demonstrate a bias for action…read on to see more
Start up 5 Startups to Watch From Y Combinator Demo Day
Startup accelerator Y Combinator’s two-day Demo Day program raises the curtain twice each year on some of the more promising startups taking shape. Of the 104 companies that presented Tuesday and Wednesday from the summer 2015 cohort, here are five to keep an eye on.
Jeffrey Wang Congratulations to WHGC’s Jeffrey Wang for your article published in Legaltech.
This piece looks at the recent “Demo Day” at the White House, an event that brought together 90 entrepreneurs represented by women and minorities. Innovators had the opportunity to showcase their startups and tell their personal stories – the obstacles they’ve overcome on the road to success.
Smart phone 5 Email Blunders to Avoid
Few things are more frustrating to me than sending an email and receiving no response, but with all of the emails that land in inboxes on a daily basis, it can be difficult to craft a message that stands out from the rest. By avoiding these mistakes, you can craft messages that more effectively grab the recipient’s attention.
Work Group 10 Steps to Starting a Business While Keeping Your Full-Time Job
Starting and growing a successful business is very difficult. Pulling it off while you’re still employed full-time and bringing in an income for yourself is even more trying. (The author should know, she’s done it four times.). But starting a business while you’re still working means you can maintain some semblance of security while beginning your venture.
SIM Card How This Entrepreneur Reinvented His Industry–Twice
In 1998, David Glickman’s Justice Technology, which offered a super-cheap way to make inter-national calls on landlines, topped the Inc. 500. 17 years later, Glickman is topping the charts again with Ultra Mobile, which similarly offers a cheap way to make international calls – but this time for SIM card-enabled phones.
City What the Companies on the Inc. 5000 All Have in Common
Must read article for anyone in business! This article looks at the importance of company leaders having a student’s outlook. In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, there is something new to learn every day!
Classroom Startup 101: More Universities Are Trying To Figure Out How To Teach Entrepreneurship
There are now more than 2,700 entrepreneurship programs throughout the country, many offering courses in hiring, managing assets and cash flow, designing products, computing, creating legal structures and other challenges of starting a business. But can entrepreneurship even be taught?
Rock RULES FOR SUCCESS: Teamwork is key.
Just as the body needs eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to grasp, and feet to move, so a team needs people that bring different skills – and perspectives – to problem solving. Take a look at 16 of the world’s largest sculptures. They demonstrate what people can achieve when they work together.
Adobe Adobe is doubling its paid maternity leave
Adobe announced Monday that it will be doubling its paid maternity leave and boosting its paid paternity leave. The announcement comes the week after Netflix announced it would offer a year of paid parental leave. It remains to be seen what impact these moves will have on these company’s share price.
Avocado How This Food Shopping App Went From Startup to $2 Billion Powerhouse in Just 3 Years
How This Food Shopping App Went From Startup to $2 Billion Powerhouse in Just 3 Years: This on-demand grocery delivery platform has raised nearly $300 million in funding at a valuation of over $2 billion–all in just three years. Read on to learn more.
Fire Fighters What California Firefighters Can Teach About Thwarting Crises
How should a business fight its problems like firefighters fight fires?Stay flexible and react decisively. Be humble enough to admit when you need support. And foster a culture of interruptions, one that encourages those on the front lines to immediately report big changes and important developments.
Plane China’s growing aviation industry and its impact on global businesses
In this article, WHGC looks at the potential business opportunities accompanying China’s aviation boom. With more than $80 billion to be invested, many companies will be trying to get their foot in the door. The key to success will be partnering with experienced counsel that is very familiar with China’s business environment.
American Express U.S. Judge Throws Out AmEx Swiping Fee Settlement
US District Judge Garaufis threw out a proposed $75 million class action settlement between American Express and merchants Tuesday after concluding that the lead attorney representing merchants had compromised the talks with “improper and disappointing” conduct.
Tech 8 Growth Lessons for First-Time Founders
If you are planning on starting a business, the advice contained in this article is a must read. The author discusses everything from the advantages and disadvantages of working with friends, to the difficulties of hiring the right people for the job.
Pool What Most Entrepreneurs Don’t Know About Focus
Scientists have determined that the act of “multitasking” doesn’t hold up under scrutiny. It’s an appealing but illusory ideal. Entrepreneurs need to humbly admit that they can only truly focus on one thing at a time. From this point of humility, one can establish more effective business strategies. Read on to learn more.
Benjamin Franklin 11 Quotes About Success From History’s Greatest Entrepreneurs
From Benjamin Franklin to Ray Kroc, Coco Chanel to Estee Lauder, here are words of wisdom that every entrepreneur should know. Franklin, for example, said, “I didn’t fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.”
Smart Watch 5 Wearables to Get You Going at Work Link
You have heard of the Apple iWatch and Google Glass, but there are many other forms of “wearable technology” that you might not know about. Here are a few examples of the innovative devices that are intended to improve your quality of life and your quality of work.
Office 5 Office Mistakes Costing Millennials the Promotion
A lot of Millennial workers appear to be finding it difficult to get promotions, with bosses citing a lack of drive and professionalism. But the problem may lie in a lack of office know-how. Millennials understand technology, but equally important is understanding the importance of meeting deadlines and taking the initiative.
Jeep Cherokee Fiat recalls 1.4 million vehicles after hack of Jeep Cherokee
Last week, Wired reported that two security researchers were able to hack into and take control of certain “smart” features of a Jeep Cherokee. The hack has raised questions about whether the convenience of Internet-connected features like navigation and Bluetooth compromises vehicle security, leading Fiat Chrysler to recall 1.4 million of its vehicles.
Technology 30 Power Players in Tech You Need to Know
If you’re looking to stay on top of tech trends, these are the folks to follow. All 30 of these sharp-witted geniuses have played a valuable role in guiding the market toward premier devices and products, which is something that is desperately needed as tech devices continually merge with everyday living.
Make up in the car Why Americans Might Just Be Ready for the Self-Driving Car
In a recent survey, more than 68 percent of respondents were moderately or very concerned about the idea of riding in completely self-driving vehicles, but almost everyone wanted a steering wheel, gas and brake pedals to override any degree of self-driving. So, is the U.S. ready to put the AUTO in automobile?
Bored You Will Find Time for Anything You Are Committed To
Do you regularly procrastinate? Instead of asking yourself, “What must be done today?” Instead, ask, “Who am I going to be today?” If you are going to be a good father, a strong business leader, or an innovator, you will naturally do the tasks associated with these roles. Read on to learn more.
Imagination 5 Reasons You Haven’t Yet Achieved Your Dreams
Each time you get closer to grasping your goals, it just slips out of your hands. It turns into an endless game with zero positive results. But if you don’t chase your dreams, then how do you accomplish what you have set yourself out to do? You attract your dreams to you! Read on to learn more.
PayPal Paypal valued at almost $50bn with Nasdaq return
PayPal, which was founded by a group of investors including Peter Thiel and Elon Musk in 1998, first listed on Nasdaq in 2002 and was bought later that year by eBay. Though the two businesses have now split, they will continue to have links, with eBay agreeing not to reduce the volume of transactions it puts through PayPal for the next five years.
Steve Jobs 5 Ways Visionaries Like Steve Jobs Got That Way
Being a visionary leader comes from developing specific skills and ways of looking the world. To start with, we must spend more time and effort observing what is going on around us. This is the best way to identify trends and become an early participant. We must then take this information and find new ways of doing things.
Photo 1 The most awesome drone photos of 2015 (so far)
From French Polynesia to Bulgaria, these are the best drone photos of 2015. Talented pros and amateurs submitted more than 5,000 entries to Dronestagram’s annual photo contest. Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Ken Geiger led the judging team. which consisted of a panel of experts.
Hacker A look inside the secretive business of cybercrime, where hackers make more than $80,000 a month
Much like the fine-tuned systems of the Mafia and gangs that act just like legitimate businesses, hackers have also created their own intricate systems – and the scale of their operations is astounding. This report shows why it is so difficult to stay ahead of these online saboteurs and prevent hacking before it occurs.
Neuschwanstein Castle 16 of the most breathtaking places in Europe as seen through Instagram
The summer travel season is upon us. Here are some beautiful images of places you might want to see if you visit Europe. But it is a good idea to make sure you have a good estate plan in place before traveling abroad.
Space Should we build a village on the Moon?
As head of the European Space Agency Professor Johann-Dietrich Woerner plans to use some of his 4.4 billion euro budget to look into ways to make living on the moon a viable goal. And as one of the most senior and powerful international space figures, people are taking his proposal seriously.
Group Discussion 28 Common Phrases That Make You Sound Really Unprofessional
Inc. Magazine suggests that those working in the business world check their list of regularly used vocabulary, idioms and other phrases. The words you choose may negatively reflect on you and your business.
Greece Greece Is The Word: Making Sense Of The Greek Crisis
If you would like to have a better understanding of what is happening in Greece, and how this small country’s financial troubles are impacting Europe and the rest of the world, read on. This brief article explains the entire crisis in an easy-to-read format that may be very helpful.
Business Group Two Teenage Dropouts With $3,000 and No Business Training Could Be Building the Next Apple
Appster’s co-founders are breaking the mold of classic leadership models. They are focusing on people over operations while holding to four key values: Change is good, Radical Transparency, High Performance and We Are Dreamers. And their fast-growing business shows they may be on to something.
Stock Numbers NYSE halts trading on technical issue; other exchanges open
The exchange said on its official Twitter feed that the issue was internal and not related to a breach of its systems. As of 1:25 p.m. Eastern, about two hours after the halt was announced, trading had not yet resumed on the NYSE
Top Ranked Law Firms Award Congratulations, WHGC!
WHGC has been selected as one of the Top Ranked Law Firms in California by ALM. Selections are based on the percentage of attorneys with an AV Preeminent® Rating from Martindale-Hubbell, an objective indicator of a lawyer’s high ethical standards and professional ability generated by evaluations of lawyers by other members of the bar and the judiciary.
Relaxing Forbes Billionaires: Full List Of The 500 Richest People In The World 2015
Curious to see who the richest people in the world are? The Forbes 500 list has changed a great deal in recent months, and you might be surprised by who did and did not make the most recent list.
Happy 4th of July! Happy 4th of July!
WHGC wishes everyone a wonderful Independence Day. Here are some suggestions for places to see great firework shows this weekend. Not mentioned on our list is our own Southern California, where you can see dazzling displays nightly if you are anywhere near Disneyland!
CoWorkers Title: Silicon Valley interns get paid up to $7,500 per month
Silicon Valley interns earn up to $7,500 per month. And that’s not all. As this article reveals, there are also some nice perks such as housing stipends and catering. But even with these benefits, living in this area of the U.S. can still be prohibitively expensive.
Office 4 Steps to Being an Entrepreneur Without Quitting Your Job
Internal entrepreneurship is an underused opportunity to create something new, pitch projects, win work, and build a following–all within your present employment. You can put yourself in the driver’s seat of your personal business, and your organization will win, too.
Memory Stick 7 Mind-Expanding Lessons From TED Talks on How to Hack Your Own Brain
Want to learn how to boost the RAM of your own brain? Here are some “hacks” that can help you get more out of your gray matter. Because unlike our laptops or smartphones, we can’t just upgrade to a new model every two years – we need to know how to make the most of what we’ve got!
Gmail Google Gives Gmail Users the Ability to ‘Undo Send’
Gmail’s new “undo send” feature gives users anywhere from 10 to 30 precious seconds to claw back an email sent prematurely. Once you hit “send,” a thin yellow bar tells you the message was sent, and gives you the option to take back that nastygram or that accidental “reply all”.
Newspaper What Obamacare’s Supreme Court Victory Means for Small Businesses
In a 6 to 3 decision, the Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that health insurance subsidies granted under the Affordable Care Act are legal, even when the people claiming them are using the federal healthcare exchange instead of state-run ones.
Selfie Young Millenials Move over, millennials: You’re already obsolete
Step aside, millennials! Advertisers are no longer chasing after you. Now “Centennials” are the focus of marketing campaigns according to Snapchat, the Daily Mail and WPP, who have teamed up to create a new ad agency called “Truffle Pig.” And what’s a centennial? Simply a younger, better version of a millennial.
Airplane The 7 Most Innovative Startups in Los Angeles
Venture funding to tech startups in Los Angeles area hit $2 billion across 194 deals, and there’s a lot happening among L.A. startups you may have never heard of. Check out these seven innovative companies–all pursuing big ideas and backed by big money. Hopefully, they will enjoy as much success as L.A.’s Oculus VR, and SpaceX.
Megacar Technological Leaps: “Megacar” Shatters Acceleration-Braking Record
Techonological leaps: The Koenigsegg One 1,340bhp “megacar” accelerated from a standstill to 186mph and back to zero in just 17.95 seconds. This is a full 3.24 seconds quicker than its predecessor. What’s more, the effort occurred during a practice session when they weren’t even gunning for the record.
Mortgage Crisis Bond Street, a 2-year-old startup that just raised $110 million, is making Wall Street sweat
Like Lending Club, a peer-to-peer lender that went public in 2014 at an $870 million valuation, Bond Street is eating into the business of some major banks by making loans to small businesses. And Wall Street is beginning to take notice!
Driver Uber’s Legal Setback Casts a Long Shadow Over the On-Demand Economy
Uber has been strategizing about what to do after a ruling by the California Labor Commission, which determined that those who drive for the service should be treated as employees, not independent contractors. The ruling, laid down in March, remained under wraps until this week, when Uber filed an appeal.
Resort Tech employees are fleeing Silicon Valley with their riches and making other cities more expensive to live in
Tech employees are fleeing Silicon Valley with their riches and making other cities more expensive to live in
Basketball Strategy 5 Leadership Lessons from the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors
How did the Golden State Warriors make the jump from good team to NBA champion? Here are five leadership lessons you can take and apply to your own business, including listening to ALL of your employees, keeping your confidence, and not forgetting to have fun along the way!
Smart House 9 Amazing Home Automation Companies You Need to Know
Here are 10 home automation companies that most people haven’t experienced and why they are so amazing. Whether it’s home protection, climate control, or appliances, your castle can be completely under your control from the office, car, or other remote locale.
Supreme Court If SCOTUS Blows Up Obamacare Exchanges, Insurers Don’t Seem Worried
Despite a looming Supreme Court ruling that could pull subsidies from millions of newly insured Americans, health insurers aren’t altering their historic growth forecasts less than two weeks before an expected ruling.
Magnet How to Create the Next Million-Dollar Idea
Great ideas are everywhere. There are thousands in plain sight right now, but we don’t see them. Steve Jobs once said, “Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it … you can build your own things that other people can use.”
Patent Office 12 Tips for Dealing With Patent Trolls
As any entrepreneur or business owner will tell you, a patent assertion entity (PAE), aka Patent Troll, can be a serious threat to entrepreneurs and business owners. How can you handle a PAE when faced with this challenge? Here are 12 tips to help you win the fight against patent trolls.
Online Car Turn Your Car Into A Connected Car Of The Future For $99 (No, For Real)
A promising Texas start-up is offering a $99 device that plugs into your old car’s computer and transforms it into a connected car of the future. This could be bad news for car companies that hope you will instead spend $30,000 for an entirely new vehicle.
On Call Doctor There’s an Uber for Everything Now!
We have apps like Washio to do our laundry, Sprig to cook our dinner, Shyp to mail things, Heal to request a doctor to make a house call, Dufl to pack a suitcase, and much, much more. And it can be argued that such apps are not mere luxuries, they are serving to raise consumer expectations.
Students How US students get a university degree for free in Germany
More than 4,600 US students are fully enrolled at Germany universities where tuition is free. At the Technical University of Munich, for example, one only pays for one’s rent, $120 in fees (which includes a public transportation ticket) and $87 for health insurance. And that’s about it. Around $7,000/year total.
Business Woman The 9-to-5 job is dying
In 2013, 23 million people were self-employed, according the US Census Bureau. That’s up about 24% from 2003. For many workers, it has become easier and less risky to simply go solo, especially since more people are increasingly paying for their own health insurance and retirement plans anyway
Cardboard Virtual Reality Google, a Piece of Cardboard, and You
Want to become a millionaire? It might only take a piece of cardboard, some free instructions from Google, and some good cameras (that you can rent or buy). You turn the cardboard into a holder for your phone and “Bingo!”, virtual reality glasses. Read on to learn more about Google’s Cardboard Project, a new way to bring apps to the market.
Jessica Alba How Jessica Alba Built A $1 Billion Company, And $200 Million Fortune, Selling Parents Peace Of Mind
Read the interesting backstory about how Jessica Alba co-founded the Honest Company, a business already valued at $1 billion, and with annual revenues of approximately $150 million. It is a company that emphasizes non-toxic household products and ethical consumerism.
Woman Thinking 7 Things the Best Leaders Never Fail to Do
24 women holding leadership positions give their advice on how to achieve success. For example, one must be careful to “Never trash anyone.” The person you are bad-mouthing may just be your next boss.
Forge 23 Battle-Tested Leadership Quotes That Can Transform Your Life
Top commanding officers have to bring their troops through battle, something no completely sane human would relish. The bad ones simply try to drive soldiers through fear. The great ones urge them on with inspiring quotes like those from Washington, MacArthur and Patton below.
University Students How You Can Get A Better Deal From an Out-of-State College
One never used to be able to get a lower tuition rate at an out-of-state college. But as many states cut their college subsidies, this may no longer be true. Students may now find that they are being offered better scholarships and financial aid from schools in neighboring states seeking to attract high-quality applicants.
Innovation Innovation Shows Signs of Slowing
Last year, inventions in semiconductor technology declined 5%, according to Thomson Reuters. Medical device inventions declined 6%, and aerospace and defense patents were down 1%. The fastest-growing industry was food, tobacco and fermented beverages, where inventions grew 21%.
Modern Office These are the 13 hottest startups that have launched so far this year
2015 has been a great year for consumer tech. Here are the best startups that have launched so far this year, according to Business Insider. To determine the best startups, B.I. took into account factors like funding, revenue, growth, and investor interest.
Business Man 2015 New Billionaires
Forbes Magazine welcomes these newcomers to its growing list of billionaires.
Executive 7 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur
“Entrepreneurship is crazy. One day you feel like you’re on top of the world, and the next day you want to die.” These experiences are two sides of the same coin. Fortunately, there are some simple-truths that will help you as an entrepreneur. You may not want to hear them, but they will make you a better business owner.
Boxing These 134 Words Are the Single Most Important Quote for Every Entrepreneur to Remember
You can be a spectator or you can be in the arena. The difference defines what it means to be an entrepreneur. True, spectators place bets and take risks. But when you’re in the arena, you don’t come to bet … you come to win!
Supreme Court Google Wins Copyright And Speech Case Over ‘Innocence Of Muslims’ Video
Google-owned YouTube has won a federal court appeal. Last year, a three-judge panel agreed with actress Cindy Lee Garcia’s request to have the film taken down from YouTube on the basis of a copyright claim. But today, the full en banc court rejected Garcia’s claim.
Hollywood 3 Reasons You Should Adopt the ‘Hollywood Model’ of Doing Business
Are you aware of the “Hollywood” business model? It’s when you focus on a single project like they do for a movie production. You hone the skills of select workers for a short period of time and set specific near-term goals. It can be adapted to most any type of business, and it can be quite profitable – just like Tinsel Town.
Tesla Who’s Responsible when a Driverless Car Crashes? Tesla’s Got an Idea
Driverless Vehicle Crashes – Who’s Responsible? Elon Musk and Tesla have plans to introduce an autopilot feature for its electric vehicles. Will such technology provide solutions? Or will it make determining liability even more difficult in the future?
First in Flight The Wright Brothers: the Original Gangsters of Startup Culture
The Wright Brothers showed us the importance of testing ideas using wind tunnels and other safe, inexpensive means. That way, many problems can be addressed before one needs to spend money on an expensive prototype. This is referred to as developing a “minimum viable product,” and it should be a foundational principle of any modern startup.
Travel More: Features New Orleans Travel Cities
Here are the US cities people want to see this summer. From the silky sands of San Juan Puerto Rico’s beaches to the surreal hiking trails of Richmond, Virginia, these are the top destinations according to American Express Travel.
China Next Up for China’s Central Bank: How to Get Loans to Small Firms
China’s central bank is grappling with its next big thorny task: how to steer credit to the private businesses Beijing deems crucial to growth. Big state-owned companies have already benefited from an interest-rate cut, and now it’s time to prod banks to make credit more accessible to smaller companies.
Tech Jobs The 15 hottest tech jobs that pay over $100,000
Computerworld recently surveyed 4,800 IT pros to find out what they were paid. Not every job was paid over $100,000, but many were. The positions ranged from systems programmers ($105,239)to database architects ($124,650) to chief information officers($169,812).
Brain Wave Surge in US ‘brain-reading’ patents
Non-medical patents to assess or alter brainwaves have increased sharply. Ratings company, Nielsen, for example, now has 89 patents for software that measures mental states. And Thync, a startup, hopes to skip the caffeine and enhance people’s moods with an invention that directly manipulates neuro signals.
Business Man How Recent Graduates Can Make More Money At Their First Jobs
A recent survey shows only 38% of new grads negotiate their first offer of pay, but that three-quarters of hiring managers said they had room to increase their salary offers by 5% to 10%. But here is a tip from the author, don’t be the first to throw out a number.
Toge Cisco’s Horseman Rides Off-Sort Of
Great article! This WSJ piece looks back at how much has changed in tech in 15 years. Once upon a time, Cisco’s market cap reached $555.4 billion (in March 2000), passing Microsoft’s market cap of $541 billion to become the most valuable company in the world. Two years earlier, Microsoft had vaulted over General Electric to take the title.
Mobile App The 12 best new apps you might have missed recently
Here are a dozen fun and useful apps that you may not know about. There’s a new app that digs up any controversial things you said on social media, an addicting game that could turn into the next Flappy Bird, and a messaging app inspired by a character from “Breaking Bad.”
Holographic Microsoft just showed a live demo of its crazy holographic computer
See this demo of how Microsoft’s HoloLens headset will work with Windows apps. Browser windows are projected on the walls around the stage at Build, which is what you’ll see when looking through the HoloLens.
Bill Gates Bill Gates made these 15 predictions in 1999 – it’s scary how accurate he was
In 1999, Bill Gates made 15 predictions. See how close he was with things like mobile devices, social media, instant online payments and the Internet of things.
Baseball Baseball’s Highest-Paid Players 2015
Who are the highest paid players in baseball this year? Hint: The top 3 are pitchers. But will any of these moneymakers be able to fill the void in the endorsement landscape following Derek Jeter’s retirement?
Mainframe Computer How computers got amazing: Moore’s law at 50.
Moore’s law at 50. Has the capacity of computer chips really continued to double every year? As someone has noted, if you tried to build an Android phone today using the chips available in 1971, it would be the size of a parking space.
Workplace The 50 best companies to work for in America
Best comps to work for? As ranked by 1) salary, 2) high job satisfaction, 3) low stress, 4) telecommute o.k. 5) high job meaning, 6) experienced median pay. Facebook and Google took the top two spots. Last year’s #1, Celgene, fell to #6.
Tug of War Passion vs Profit – The Inventor’s Struggle to a Saleable, Scalable Business
Successful crowdfunders say the key to success is to follow your passion and do what love. This advice flies in the face of everything conventional business advises: analyze markets, research keywords, etc. Who has the right idea? The creative Kickstarter? The traditional entrepreneur? Or both?
Retail 25 companies that are revolutionizing retail
Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and innovations in delivery and data, the retail landscape is evolving like never before. From an established e-commerce giant deploying drones to an inventive pizza chain, here are the consumer companies making big impacts.
Big and Bigger The Next Billion-Dollar Startups
A must read! Forbes predicts which startups will be the next Amazon, Google or Yahoo! Such billion-dollar success stories were once so rare they were called unicorns, but now there are at least 80 new companies ready to break out.
Made in China Foreign Companies at Risk From Proposed Chinese Law
Many companies are using a corporate structure in China that may become illegal under a proposed Chinese law. Amazon, CBS, & Sina, just to name a few, use a variable interest entity (VIE) to do business in sectors where foreign investment is restricted, but now they may be forced to sell controlling stakes in these operations.
Virus Attack Five Simple Steps to Protect Corporate Data: What companies should be doing to protect their computer systems-but aren’t
“Cyberhygiene” refers to boring but effective steps to stop hackers, including security updates, audits and adherence to security standards among employees and vendors.
Cubes Transform 6 Predictions for the Most Disruptive Tech Trends
Predictions: Look for seismic shifts in 3-D printing, advertising mediums, retail stores and more. See what Inc. Magazine foresees as being the upcoming disruptors of the status quo in business.
Miami The 15 most expensive streets in America
Think the streets of Beverly Hills top the list with the most expensive homes? Not even close. The homes on Indian Creek Island Road, a.k.a. Billionair Bunker, have a median value o $21.48 million! The homes on Beverly Park Circle have a paltry median value of only $16.238 million.
Tony Robbins Tony Robbins: How to invest wisely, even if you’re wrong 80% of the time
The single most important rule of investing is simple, do not lose money! How do you do that? You structure your investments so that you can minimize losses, even when the market dips or when you’re wrong.
Drought California drought challenges state’s businesses
The drought is hurting farmers, ski resorts, and tourism, but it is benefiting firms that offer water efficient appliances.
General 15 Leadership Strategies From America’s First Female 4-Star General
In her book, A Higher Standard: Leadership Strategies from America’s First Female Four-Star General , Ann Dunwoody presents a list of leadership strategies that she learned during the course of her 37-year military career. These strategies work just as well in business and in life as they do in the U.S. Army.
Mistakes 5 Life Lessons You Should Learn As Early As Possible
Yes, we learn from mistakes, but we don’t HAVE to make mistakes to learn – especially in business. Abiding by these 5 principles may allow us to learn some of life’s lessons the easy way instead of the hard way. At the top of the list: 1) Trust your instincts and, 2) Don’t rush important decisions. Read more below.
Office Work The 6 Distraction Syndromes: Which Do You Suffer From?
What distractions take most of your attention and time? The Internet? Helping others? Multitasking? Emails? Worrying? This article examines whether we are as overworked as we think we are, or if we are simply failing to use our time as wisely as we should.
Mark Zuckerberg Zuckerberg: Why I Stayed Facebook CEO Even Though Many Thought I Should Quit
Ever wonder why billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg keep working? Here, Zuckerberg explains what motivates him to keep putting up with the headaches and heartaches as the CEO of Facebook rather than kicking back and letting someone else do all the hard work.
HiRes iStock The ‘Elon Musk of China’ wants people to fly all over the world without getting on a plane
The first viable jet pack was made by New Zealander Glenn Martin. Now, Dr. Liu Ruopeng – the president of KuangChi Science – has taken a 52% stake in Martin’s company. The company aims to officially release the jetpack in 2017. After its IPOs in Australia and Hong Kong, this company now has a valuation of $3 billion.
Creative The ‘Internet of Things’ will create a lot of security vulnerabilities – here are ways companies can start tackling these issues
Business Insider examines the motivation behind IoT hacks, what data is commonly targeted and how, and it provides a summary and analysis of the FTC’s recent report that provides suggestions for how to better secure IoT devices.
Conference 5 Tips to be a More Impressive Speaker
If you’re a shaky public speaker, you may be worried about your next presentation: keeping your nerves in check, your ability to speak clearly, dealing with audience questions, and memory lapses. Thankfully, professor Matt Abrahams gives comprehensive insights on everything from how to structure your speech, how to deal with hostile audience questions, and how to correct your annoying verbal tics.
Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, and other successful people share their best life hacks
Richard Branson believes that the best routine is not to have one, Tony Hsieh says to embrace humor, and Mark Zuckerberg says to read two books a month. Read on to find more life hacks from successful people.