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Employer Counseling

Comprehensive Employer Assistance

Our attorneys counsel employers on applicable employment laws and help them develop processes and procedures to limit potential liability. Our services include everything from ensuring compliance with local and federal labor laws to the litigation of employment law disputes to advising employers on relevant immigration and naturalization issues. Additionally, we can assist with crafting policies that relate to non-executive employees, such as termination procedures.

Preventative Planning

At WHGC, we have a variety of tools to help employers avoid disputes and litigation related to hiring, termination, discrimination, harassment, wages, trade secrets, and non-circumvention and non-disclosure agreements. We also can assist with drafting comprehensive employment contracts anticipating a wide range of situations, as well as develop oversight plans to prevent embezzlement and breach of employment contracts.

Our employer counseling services can help our clients find answers to these important questions:

  • Will new business actions require changes to your corporate policies in order to come into compliance with federal and international employment regulations?
  • What are the financial implications of various business decisions?
  • Will outsourcing really save your money?
  • What are the potential opportunities and challenges associated with global expansion?
  • What are the legal implications of sponsoring foreign workers?
  • Does your company have a structure and policies in place to shield itself from legal liability?

International In Scope

We are adept in the legal practice areas that help companies grow both in the United States and overseas. We help you manage growth by avoiding legal problems related to the diverse employment laws of different countries. We have attorneys in key business areas in the United States, such as Orange County and the Silicon Valley, and we also have a strategic partnership with Dacheng Law Offices, one of China’s largest firms, to assist employers seeking to expand their operations overseas.

Contact Us

To discuss your company’s employment law needs in the local and global marketplace alike, contact WHGC.