Chief Judge Rader and WHGC Attorneys Recognized as Favorite Speakers of the 2010 International Conference at National Chengchi University

WHGC was chosen as the only law firm who ranked the highest as preferred speaker out of the 20 presenters at the annual conference.

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- WHGC and Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Randall P. Rader was voted as top two speakers at 2010 Intellectual Property Management and Patent Litigation Conference held at National Chengchi University in Taipei.

Judge Rader made a special appearance at the event and was also the keynote speaker who presented an overview of recent federal circuit cases. Sitting as a district court judge, Judge Rader decided the renowned HP v. Cornell case which changes how patent damages allocation will be distributed.

Congratulations are in order - Chief Judge Rader receives a bouquet of flowers and poses for cameras after being chosen as one of two top speakers of the event with WHGC as the other favorite presenters in the 2010 International Conference.

From left to right, Mr. Aaron Hurvitz of Kangxin Partners, Mr. Jason B. Witten managing partner of WHGC's London branch, Ms. Mei-Hua Wang, Director General of Taiwan Intellectual Property Office, Chief Judge Randall Rader, Mr. Jeffrey C.P. Wang, founder and managing partner of WHGC and Mr. Jerry G. Fong, Director of Graduate Institute of Intellectual Property in National Chengchi University.

WHGC managing partner, Jeffrey Wang and attorney Jason Witten, presented "The New Economics of Patent Damage Allocation at the Federal Circuit-What Taiwan Companies Need to Know" on June 17th at National Chengchi University, where the conference attracted over 200 attendees.

WHGC's presentation, which focused on intellectual property management in the hi-tech industry, covered popular topics such as the entire market value rule, reasonable royalty calculations and recent case law relating to patent damages.

The annual international conference is made up mostly of in-house legal counsel of large Taiwanese corporations and academia. A survey was taken among peers and concluded WHGC as a popular choice among the other speakers.

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