Ditching these trademark myths benefits your California business

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2022 | intellectual property

In the 21st century, intellectual property has become more critical in the business environment than ever before. A trademark, for instance, guards your brand, preserves your business integrity and prevents consumer confusion.

U.S. trademark law is complicated, giving many Newport Beach business owners pause. Without an understanding of California intellectual property law, members of the business world often put off registering their trademarks. Such a delay in acquiring brand protection can harm your business.

Eliminating myths can improve your understanding

Like many other aspects of intellectual property, trademark law rests within a shroud of myth. Eliminating these myths is a great way to learn more about trademarks. Below are five myths to ditch immediately.

  1.   Registering a mark is all you need to do. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) considers trademarks abandoned if three years pass without use of the mark.
  2.   Registering a mark gives you exclusive ownership. Others can use the same trademark if the goods they offer are unlikely to confuse consumers.
  3.   Registering a mark allows you to use the trademark symbol (®). The globally recognized symbol is only for use with federally registered trademarks.
  4.   Registering a mark does not offer any advantages. You can use your trademark without doing anything, but registration provides benefits like legal ownership and preventing others from registering a similar mark.
  5.   Registering a mark should only occur after business growth. Early registration is both beneficial and encouraged as doing so protects your marks from infringement.

The registration of trademarks for your Orange County company is just one element of intellectual property law. Make sure you assess your legal options as you move forward with your company.