How can you avoid legal issues with employees in hospitality?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2022 | employment law

If you own a company in the hospitality industry, you have probably seen a lot of employees in your time. It’s the kind of work that many consider will suffice for a while, but not something they would want to do forever. Hence the turnover can be high.

It means that you may struggle to know your workers. Once you get to know someone, they are off. That leaves you more susceptible to complaints and legal problems from customers. It also increases the risk you face from employees. Here are a few steps to reduce the chance of employee issues:

Take time to train your staff well

When you urgently need someone to wait tables or turn out food to order, you might throw someone straight into the job without taking the time to provide all the training you should.

Training people so they can get the job done is one thing. Yet, it is the additional training that is so crucial to reducing the chance of legal problems. For example:

  • Showing them all the necessary safety procedures and what to do if they have an accident. This reduces the chance you need to call on your workers’ compensation insurance or face civil litigation.
  • Explaining how seriously you take reports of harassment or discrimination. All workers need to know that you will not accept it and understand how to let you know if something happens to them. 

Finding out about issues in your workplace early makes it more likely you can deal with them in a way that satisfies your employees. You are less likely to find them taking you to court when you do that. Getting legal help from the outset can ensure you do all you can to comply with employment laws and retain a happy workforce.