How can you reduce the chance of sexual harassment claims?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2022 | employment law

You’re forward-thinking and open-minded, and you’d like to think your company is too. That does not mean you are exempt from sexual harassment claims.

The larger your company becomes, the more you place your reputation in the hands of others. In the same way that one employee upsetting a customer could cause a host of problems, one employee harassing another could land you in court.

Many employees harass others

It may be 2022, but workplace sexual harassment is still rife. A quick google search will likely bring up many companies in your industry who have been dragged over the coals for it.

As an employer, you have a duty to provide your workers with a safe working environment. That means one free from harassment or discrimination of any form and free from physical dangers.

You cannot be everywhere at once, so how can you ensure your employees are not letting you down? Here are a few ideas:

Make sure you understand the relevant state and federal laws

Living in California means you are subject to some of the most forward-thinking laws regarding equality in the workplace. The standards you must meet are high, but that’s a good thing.

Choose your managers carefully

Someone might be great at getting teams to reach goals, but at what cost? There is little point in a team smashing through the profit ceiling if you have to spend the gains defending your company from sexual harassment allegations due to the manager’s outdated attitudes to females.

Workers want to be sure their manager will not harass them and will step up and do something if they report harassment by someone else.

If it sounds overwhelming, remember you do not have to work it out alone. With the correct legal advice, you can take steps that will vastly reduce the chance your company faces a sexual harassment claim.