How to support an employee after they report harassment

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2022 | employment law

It is detrimental to both employees and corporations if any form of harassment occurs in the workplace. As a business owner, you want to foster an environment where everyone feels safe and work gets done.  

Despite your best efforts to implement clear anti-harassment policies, harassment can still occur. In such instances, you need to be best placed to support the employee who has been subjected to it. Outlined below are some ways that you can do this. 

Make sure that retaliation is not an issue

In the unfortunate event that harassment does occur, employees need to feel confident about their rights and their ability to report the problem without fear. There should be no reprisals whatsoever for reporting these incidents. There is no reason why you cannot set this in stone by adding clauses to employment contracts or handbooks that state employees will not face retaliation for reporting malfeasance. 

Use technology to your advantage

Nowadays, businesses rely on analytics programs for numerous aspects of commercial activities. Such technology can also be utilized in monitoring harassment in the workplace. By accurately recording incidents over time, you can get an idea of where the strengths and weaknesses lie in your current anti-harassment practices. 

Tackle harassment with conviction

Often harassment comes from an employee at a similar level but it can also come from higher management. Your policies and disciplinary procedures should apply equally across the board. Employees will feel much safer and will be more productive in an environment that tackles harassment swiftly and with conviction. 

Tackling harassment is not only beneficial to your employees but the key to the commercial success of your business. As you navigate your anti-harassment policies, be sure to keep your legal rights and obligations in mind.