Immigrants have a massive impact on American businesses

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2019 | immigration law

Many immigrants come to America looking for a new life. Often, that means a new line of work. Research has demonstrated time and time again that they help companies grow and start many new companies of their own.

For instance, a mere 13% of the total American population is made up of first-generation immigrants — people who directly came here from another country during their lifetime. However, when you look at the demographics for all of the entrepreneurs in the United States, 27.5% of them are immigrants. This means that immigrants are more likely to start their own businesses than they should be, something that is huge when you consider that small businesses like this are the backbone of the American economy.

It doesn’t stop there. Studies have also shown that immigrant-founded companies tend to show more employment growth than native-founded companies. They’re more successful, they grow at a faster rate, and they have a bigger impact on the economy. This was true when looking at three-year growth and again when looking at six-year growth.

All of that success does not even take into account all of the immigrants who come to America to land jobs with existing companies. Many of them are brought in specifically because they have skills, talents, abilities and knowledge that help these companies thrive. They may not set out on their own, but their impact cannot be denied.

Those who are thinking about getting involved in this process need to understand the legal steps they have to take under current immigration laws to make sure things go smoothly.