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Patent Law

International Patent Law

WHGC regularly assists individuals and companies in fully protecting their inventions, new technologies and products. In patent law matters, individuals and businesses are best served by working with an experienced intellectual property attorney who not only understands the technology of the invention – but also its value. WHGC attorneys represent individuals and companies with procurement, enforcement and licensing of patent rights in a wide variety of businesses and technologies.

At WHGC, our attorneys serve large multinational corporations, local technology firms, and individuals in many patent law matters. We file patent applications, protect patent rights and manage valuable patent portfolios in the U.S. and abroad. We serve the needs of clients who depend on effective patent law protection.

To arrange for a consultation, please contact our patent attorneys.

Patent Prosecution

Our lawyers provide efficient handling of patent applications and other matters administered by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We help companies who want to protect marketable inventions and improvements to existing technologies. Our clients include semi-conductor processing, wireless telecommunications, wireless, medical devices, computer technology and manufacturing businesses. We work with clients to develop and prosecute business method patents applications.

Patent Portfolio Assets

A major part of our work for clients is the active management of their intellectual property assets. We help companies maximize the business potential of their patents through effective administration, protection and licensing agreements.

Patent Infringement Lawsuits

In today's economy, it is vital that companies have the ability to protect their intellectual property. WHGC has broad experience in representing plaintiffs and defendants in patent infringement lawsuits in a wide variety of venues across the United States. Our skilled team of patent litigation attorneys have successfully defended and litigated cases for and against major corporations.

Chinese Patent Law

Protecting intellectual property in China is often a concern for U.S. companies doing business in Asia. China’s rapidly growing economy provides enormous business opportunities for Chinese entrepreneurs and foreign companies. However, companies should perform due diligence in protecting their trade secrets and intellectual property. Although the Chinese government has well-established patent laws at the national level and works hard to stop IP theft, there are many local rules and regulations which may be complex to navigate for an unfamiliar company. With the proper guidance, our firm can help you prevent future complications and hold-ups to successfully manage your patents in China.

WHGC maintains a fully-staffed law office in Beijing to handle patent litigation and registration matters in China and has a close working alliance with Dacheng Law Offices, China’s largest law firm. We will help you bridge the gap between United States and Chinese patent law. To learn more about our patent law services, including Chinese patent law, contact our offices.

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