What employers can do about sexual harassment in the workplace

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Firm News

Sexual harassment is unwelcome in the workplace which is why employers should know what they can do to help avoid it. There are several steps employers can take to help prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

Ways employers to combat sexual harassment

There are several steps employers can take to help prevent sexual harassment in their workplaces and to also help limit their liability including:

  • Creating a clear, concise sexual harassment policy – employers should ensure they have a clear and concise sexual harassment policy in place that explicitly explains that sexual harassment is not tolerated and explains the consequences for sexual harassment. It should also outline the procedure for reporting and investigating complaints.
  • Train employees about sexual harassment – employers should also train their employees about sexual harassment and it is recommended that employees receive sexual harassment training once a year. It is helpful to focus on common situations that may be considered sexual harassment.
  • Monitor the workplace – employers should make a regular practice out of talking with their employees about their work environment to make sure the workplace remains free of harassment.
  • Encourage employees to come forward – employers should make clear to employees that any complaints or concerns they have to share will be kept confidential and will not impact their career opportunities in the workplace.
  • Take complaints seriously and investigate them – employers should take all complaints made by employees seriously and follow up with a thorough investigation. If that complaint has any validity, the employer should promptly address and remedy the situation.

Employment law offers protections in the workplace and can also point employers in the right direction when it comes to limiting harassment in their workplaces. Sexual harassment should be taken seriously and steps should be taken to prevent it.