What are the benefits of registering a copyright?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | intellectual property

Writers, musicians, and other creative professionals work hard to create original works of art that benefit us all. Copyrights give creators power over the use of their own work. Some of the creative works protected by copyright laws include:

  • Literary works (e.g. novels, poems, encyclopedias)
  • Sound recordings (e.g. singing, speaking, voice)
  • Dramatic works (e.g. screenplays, movie scripts)
  • Choreographic works (e.g. ballets, modern dance)
  • Visual arts (e.g. paintings, sculptures, photographs)
  • Audiovisual works (e.g. movies, television shows, video games)

Advantages to registering a copyright

A copyright is created the minute the work is created, so registering a copyright is not necessary. However, there are many advantages to registering your copyright, such as:

  • The right to sue – Registering a copyright gives you the option to file an infringement lawsuit against anyone who infringes your copyright.
  • Validity – If you have registered your copyright, the court will presume that you are the actual owner of the copyright and that your work is protected. If your copyright is not registered, you will have to prove the validity of the copyright.
  • Public record – By registering your copyright, you are notifying the general public of your copyright ownership. People will know that they will need a license if they want to reproduce or distribute your work.

Copyright registration can be extremely beneficial when a dispute arises about the execution of an underlying idea. Newport Beach intellectual property attorneys can assist you with the copyright registration process to ensure that your creative works are well protected.