Ways employers can help prevent workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2021 | Firm News

Employers should have good processes in place to help prevent workplace discrimination. They should also be familiar with how to defend themselves in circumstances when they have been presented with a workplace discrimination claim. There are several different best practices employers can follow to help prevent workplace discrimination.

Writing down policies to prevent workplace discrimination

Employees should have employee handbooks that should include policies prohibiting workplace discrimination. Every employee should receive the employee handbook when they are employed and should sign an acknowledgement that they received the handbook.

Create a policy that includes the prohibition of all types of workplace discrimination

The employer’s policy prohibiting workplace discrimination should include prohibitions against discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, disability or citizenship.

Establish a complaint protocol to report workplace discrimination

The policy against workplace discrimination included in the employee handbook should also include a procedure employee’s can follow to report workplace discrimination.

Review company policies and keep records

The policy against workplace discrimination should be reviewed at employee meetings and employers should keep records of the materials that are covered.

Hold team training sessions

In addition to have written policies that are distributed to employees, employers should hold team training sessions to review policies against workplace discrimination and provide education for employees concerning what constitutes discrimination.

Consistently apply policies

Employees need to uniformly and consistently apply policies against discrimination in the workplace. Complaints should be handled with consistency and if a protocol for handling complaints has been established, employers need to follow it.

It is important for employers to take measures to prevent workplace discrimination. They should also be familiar with employment law and protections available to them when they are facing a workplace discrimination claim from one of their employees that requires legal help.