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Current restrictions could block thousands of green cards monthly

Travel restrictions are tight in the United States right now, and it is impacting immigration. It's unclear exactly when this will end, depending on a variety of factors, but it is clear that the new immigration suspension is both strict and controversial.

With the new rules in place, experts believe that around 26,000 applications for green cards could get denied every single month. That's nearly 1,000 denials per day, on average. If this stretches on for months on end, it's clear that an incredible amount of people could just get denied outright when they at least would have had a chance to get a green card before.

It is worth noting that those who are in the United States at this time will not be impacted by the new suspension of immigration-related activities. They do not have to worry about being deported simply because of this ban -- though they could be for other reasons. The ban also should not have any impact on those who are current visa holders.

One question that this raises, though, is how it is going to impact immigration reform in the future. How long will the ban stay in place? Will it spur other changes? It's easy to point to current events right now, but the long-term questions could become even more important if there is not simply a sudden reversal at the end. Only time will tell.

With so much happening right now in the realms of travel and immigration, it's more important than ever for people to know exactly what rights they have.

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