Immigrants begin suing over detainment conditions

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2019 | immigration law

There has been a lot of talk about immigration detainment and the conditions of that detainment over the last few years, and one of the most recent developments is that some of those who are being held have decided to sue. They claim that the conditions are harsh and inhumane, violating their rights.

According to recent reports, the issues stem from detainment centers in both California and Colorado. Some of the complaints made by the immigrants include:

  • Saying that the authorities punish them by putting them into isolation.
  • Claiming that they do not get the recommended surgeries and medical treatment options that they need.
  • Saying that the government has failed to accommodate those with disabilities properly. For instance, one man said that he has to use American Sign Language because he is deaf, but no one gave him an interpreter; others claim that they need wheelchairs and have been denied when they requested them.

One key example involves a man who has had trouble with his eye. A doctor said he needed surgery in the spring; he’s been held in detainment for more than 24 months. The authorities did not allow him to have the surgery, he claims. As a result, another medical appointment in the summer showed that there is now no way for doctors to restore his vision.

As this helps demonstrate, the immigration situation in the United States is very complex right now, and this lawsuit is just one thing that brings light to the way it often plays out. It’s very important for all immigrants, whether they are in detainment or not, to know what legal options they have.