Proactive, proven legal counsel for CA employment law matters

On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | employment law

The daily concerns that preoccupy executives and managers are many and distinct. That is especially true in California, where regulatory rules and processes are noted across the country for being particularly rigorous and exacting.

We stress the obvious at the established and diverse business law firm of WHGC in Newport Beach. We underscore on our website that, “We know how hard it is to build a business.” The challenges can be especially daunting (and, concededly, the rewards outsized) for the types of businesses we typically serve with knowledge and passion at WHGC. The operations of many of our valued clients are centrally marked by a strong international dimension.

A key legal focus for a law firm seeking to provide a dynamic business clientele with full-scope services necessarily spotlights employment law. That is especially true in California, where we note “employers must stay abreast of an ever-changing legal landscape.”

That can be a formidable task. Statutory protections for workers across the state are comprehensive and growing. Protective pro-employee regulatory policy is a given. And state courts routinely deliver case rulings that employers need to pay attention to and account for.

A proven legal team can offer comprehensive employment law-linked services to a California enterprise that are applicable at every relevant business stage (e.g., from pre-hiring through termination and beyond). WHGC’s collectively deep pool of advocates routinely focuses for clients on representative matters like the following:

  • Wage-and-hour counseling and litigation
  • Interrelated employment and immigration concerns for businesses with a global scope
  • Harassment, discrimination and disability claims (a steadily growing issue for companies)
  • Family leave, sick leave and paid time off policies
  • Intellectual property protection and key employee agreements

Those bullet points denote just a small portion of many additional matters that commonly come to the fore for California employers.

Practiced and empathetic pro-business employment law attorneys can address them, diligently striving for optimal employer outcomes in every instance.