WHGC Hosted Spring IP Training Program for ZTE Members May 27, 2011

WHGC Hosted Spring IP Training Program for ZTE Members

The three-month rigorous program was geared to prepare interns of IP industry.

Newport Beach, CA - For the chance of a lifetime to learn from a U.S. law firm, Mr. Kewei Huang and Mr. Duan Guogang of ZTE Corporation flew from China to intern at WHGC's Spring 2011 IP Training Program. A celebratory luncheon was held in their honor in completion of their rigorous three-month training at WHGC corporate headquarters.

"It was a pleasure hosting Kewei and Duan from ZTE--they were inquisitive and exceptionally bright," Gibbs said. "They were quick to appreciate the unique

Outstanding Achievement: WHGC IP Director presents Certificate of Excellence to Mr. Kewei Huang.

complexities with the U.S. patent prosecution and litigation systems. We are certain that they will benefit from their training with us and we look forward to working with them in the future."

The program, which started last March, included lectures, seminars and MCLE classes supported with actual IP prosecution of patents, trademarks and copyrights. Huang and Guogang also engaged in various topics hosted in-house by the firm's attorneys, including Royalty of the Patent Case, Strategy to Counter the Patent Troll from the Standpoint of U.S. Licensing and Litigation and Means Claiming.

Managing partner, Mr. Jeffrey Wang and Mr. Gibbs presented Strategy to Counter the Patent Troll from the Standpoint of U.S. Licensing and Litigation which discusses experiences with "patent trolls" generally regarded as a negative slang for a patent owner who does not produce covered by the patent being inserted.

We also explored the intricacies of the U.S. Trademark and copyright systems in regards to litigation and prosecution," said Gibbs.

Patent damages expert, Mr. Richard Cauley delved into the evolution of the entire market value including lost profits and reasonable royalty in his presentation, Royalty of the Patent Case.

In Means Claiming, instructor and registered patent attorney, Mr. Erick Wolf explained that an element in a claim for a combination may be expressed as a means or step for performing a specified function without the recital of structure, material or acts in support and

Congratulatory Smiles: From left: poses next to Duan Guogang, Mr. Erick Wolf and staff of WHGC.

such claim would be construed to cover the corresponding structure, material or acts described in the specification and equivalents.

All other IP topics were presented by several WHGC attorneys in specific fields of IP specialty. Registered patent attorney, Mr. John O'Rourke discussed U.S. Patent Basic Concepts, Reexamination and Reissue of Patents and Information Disclosure Statements. Trademark attorney, Ms. Lindy Herman explained the Basic Concept of USPTO Trademark Registerability and U.S. Trademark and Appeals Board (TTAB).