WHGC Attorneys Invited to Speak at Palo Alto Area Bar Association Seminar

Attorneys tacked popular topics regarding differences between China and US Patent Litigation

PALO ALTO, CA - WHGC attorneys Mr. Jeffrey C. P. Wang and Mr. John van Loben Sels were invited to speak as part of a three-member panel at Palo Alto Area Bar Association (PAABA) regarding the seminar topic, "Doing Business in China" May 5 th at a local law firm in Menlo Park. The seminar attracted about 50 attendees.

Mr. Wang and Mr. van Loben Sels presented their topic, "Notable Differences Between the US and Chinese Patent Enforcement Systems" in which they discussed the differences related to litigation where a statute of limitations include at least two years from the date known from the last infringing act compared to six years in the US. They also broached the subject of administrative remedies such as re-examination to be filed with the Patent Office.