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Patent Litigation

Patent Litigation Attorneys with International Recognition

"We have a global system in place now to manage the application and prosecution of patents. Patents — and global IP rights in general — are an important part of any company's profit strategy during lean economic times. Patent litigation is a tool we use for our clients to increase their market shares and profitability during a time period when other traditional profit sources have dwindled." —, patent attorney at WHGC.

Established in 1994 and with offices in the United States, Asia and Europe, the intellectual property law firm of WHGC, offers aggressive, strategic and protective representation in patent infringement claim cases. Our attorneys are available to prosecute or defend traditional patent infringement claims. We also work with our clients as quasi-business advisers to develop strategic global patent implementation plans.

We are set apart from general litigation firms because our attorneys are licensed by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Collectively, we have more than 150 years of litigation experience. Furthermore, our lawyers have professional backgrounds in fields such as engineering, computer science, software design and aerospace. Our attorneys and professional staff bring a total of 80 years' practical experience in the fields in which our clients work.

Your Ideas Deserve to be Protected! At WHGC, we use our formidable legal skills to protect our clients' patents via traditional patent litigation and creative, business-oriented solutions that may circumnavigate the litigation process and increase profitability. Contact our attorneys for professional advice and representation regarding patent infringement claims.

Take Quick Action in Patent Infringement Cases

Both patent holders and inventors accused of patent infringement should take immediate legal action to protect their intellectual property. Failure to act may — at worst — result in loss of the patent or charges of willful patent violation, which carries significant financial penalties.

WHGC’s experienced patent litigation team is able to analyze patent class and application and translate the language of the patent into the most favorable defense or prosecution in patent infringement claims. In prosecuting patent infringement claims, our trial attorneys are experienced in applying a number of methods before the court to prove direct, indirect, contributory, literal, and willful infringement by the opposing party.

We have been successful in patent litigation lawsuits in obtaining monetary damages for our client and/or pursuing either a permanent or preliminary injunction to stop the opposing party from further violation of the disputed patent.

Finally, in defending our clients against infringement claims, we have extensive experience in proving invalidation of the disputed patent and non-infringement on the part of our client or in seeking a license or settlement as appropriate.

Experienced Intellectual Property Litigation Attorneys

Our intellectual property lawyers have a commanding understanding of federal court and international jurisdiction issues, the complicated subject matters of patent infringement claims, and the technical underpinnings of every patent infringement case. All these skills help us successfully execute patent infringement litigation for our clients.

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Several articles authored by attorneys of the firm provide additional information about establishing and protecting patents. For answers to questions about a specific patent infringement dispute, contact us to make an appointment with one of our lawyers. All legal consultations are conducted with complete confidentiality, and we manage our legal work according to the highest ethical standards.

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